To Scratch The Surface..

Welcome to my world of thoughts.. well, a few of them. I have a lot.

I’m  Annie. I am a 21 year old, cis-gendered female, somewhere-on-the-spectrum heterosexual, white, university student living in London studying Applied Theatre, vegan, 5″6, blonde, single, sometimes masculine, sometimes feminine, knitting fanatic, babysitter, non-driver,  extroverted, non-religious, English speaking, second born, human being.

This Blog is me, being me and hazily following three themes; Explore, Learn and Create.

Explore; who you are, your values, surroundings, culture and beyond your comfort zone.

Learn; from others, about yourself, new skills, facts and about things which don’t directly concern you.

Create; friendships, homes, words, memories, thoughts, ideas, creations, achievements, time and space.

I’m not too sure on where any of this will lead or what my aim is but if you enjoy my posts then I’m happy with that!

Yay for our ability to think for ourselves!



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