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love is a word

it is a word which by itself has no meaning

but by speaking it, hearing it and what we know as experiencing it,

we understand it.


We understand it’s honesty,





it’s exaggeratedness,

it’s fleetingness,

it’s choked up ready to burst,

it’s uncertainness.

It’s ability to speak so many words for us.

It’s misery and lack of hope,

it’s purity



and pretentiousness.


What you say, when you say love is not what I hear.

When I hear ‘love’ I hear every experience I have with it;

all the positives and negatives and I am left uncertain on how to translate this.


Show me what you mean by love and I will learn to hear it.


litter picker

I’m walking home and these streets are dirty

My mind keeps following these       pieces

                                                                                          of abandon

Pieces of rejection

Pieces lacking in validation

Of who it belongs to and whose is it’s chore.


Stop being so unjust.

this world was made for all of us.


But you see your mind is covered in stickers

Stickers of diception

Stickers of advertisement, of what people think you ought to know.


But what I know is how. How we got into this mess and how we can get out of it.

For yes it may be one piece of litter but it will be one creature’s life I will save with this;


this act of serving, of loving and learning.


At the end of this street I have collected all

I can handle

my hands are full, my mind is burning

with the need to stop this greed

to make more smaller achievements

To grow in my trust

that real change can happen

of a world I am proud of

of a nation that cares for one another

like a sister or a brother


this earth is our mother and we were born to love her.


Take care of our streets

so that our grandchildren will see

a better life, to feel free

and a