you are powerful

love will not go in search for itself,

it will only ever find itself.

call upon love from yourself,

it is easy to find

once you realise that you are the answer,

to your hopes, dreams and mind.

you have the power within you

to call upon your destiny,

to choose how you see the world

and be your own master.

this universe is with you

if you are with it.

so have faith in what you are capable of

and be your own best friend

for who knows what you may loose or gain

but you will have you until the very end.



I will trust my heart’s readings of the universe around me.

For it is my heart which is the root of my knowledge, compassion and wisdom.

And it is my heart that knows my path best.


I will listen,

take courage in what it is trying to tell me

and take care to no longer be a dreamer but a believer.