To understand others

I want to write and write and write

to feel this fight

of these burning pages beneath me

to witness my soul’s surrender and the survival of my suffering

for so many others are suffering and with this I am winning

the battle of understanding myself,

the war of fearing no more;

for who I am is who I will be

and on these pages that’s what we will see


How will you help them?


unshaken determination



overcomed obstacles

little things

big words

even stronger actions


faith in my potential

faith in our potential


for the biggest obstacle is ourselves

thinking someone else will do it

we are strongest when we work together


plant smiles and love in each step you take

take care of yourself

and witness the strength in small achievements


we are together in our loneliness

we are together in times of crisis

so use each crisis as an opportunity

to reach out to others you would have never otherwise met


live each moment as a time to conquer

the devastating times

and turn each one into times of ultimate happiness

Oppressor plays the oppressed

Be it your body,

Have your right to say.

Express your oppressions

And will them to hear you.


Your fight is not over, true

This is a battle that intersects.

Our pain and our struggle is not a competition,

So please don’t speak on behalf of me.


Don’t take ownership of my oppressions,

That is a power of my own.

And I will support you in yours,

Be it your own.


I am not saying I do not hear you

You have a voice

I am just curious of what you’re really trying to say

How do you feel about it?

I feel secure.

My relationship with me is secure

I am therefore secure if you want nothing more

Your body and mine in tune

Our thoughts moving in a fluid motion I’m not sure is diverted or riding together on a wave of excitement

You entice me, confuse me and draw me


I am confronted with honesty and certainty I do not need you

I am unsure of where this off road path will lead to

It is a journey of unknowing

I do not accept

I do not reject

I can only be me as I am in this moment