I Got Through My To Do List – Success!

Some manage to tick off everything on their daily To Do List, some go above and beyond that and others struggle just to peal themselves out off bed in the morning. Either way, all are achievements.

The pleasure and satisfaction from ticking or crossing something off on my To Do List is ridiculous. Honestly, I will even go to the extent of writing down things I have done which weren’t on the original list just so that I can cross it off… The simple things in life eh?

Oh my. And the joy of when you actually have evidence of how you’ve spent your time is golden to me – like knitting a hat or cooking something delicious for friends. It makes the more boring and tedious jobs a little more bearable. Those serious jobs do all tend to clump together at the end of my  To Do List  though which isn’t exactly ideal….

So I make another hat.

I love lists. I love looking at it and thinking ‘I have a purpose to my day’ and so I get on with it because I know that list won’t cross itself off now will it?

I do even sometimes add ‘relax, or nap’ to my lists as well… It adds even more purpose to sleep. Ahhh sleep, you fantastic state of being.

What I was going to say was that no matter what you tick or cross off, that is an achievement. Some are bigger than others but none the less they are done things. For some jobs, it’s easier to get done by some more than others. The journey which has lead to each one is completely unique and some can take lists within lists to do.

The success of your day should go by how you’re feeling at the end of it. Not by how much you did compared to someone else.

And don’t forget to add all the fun stuff to your lists. They are just as much important.

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