Brain Food

photo 2

yes, yes it was delicious.

and yes. I did demolish it in less than 1o minutes.

I didn’t call this post brain food because my mango looks like a brain and is food.. I don’t think. In all honesty, this was a draft post which I don’t have a clue where I was going to go with. hmmmm

Let’s go somewhere with this anyway

Maybe I was thinking about how being a student I need good food? Hey any sponsors out there want to make sure I’m eating well to get good grades? Anyone.. you? No… oh.

Let’s see our brain as a pet? Our brain needs feeding. And every brain has it’s own personality, no brain is the same – let’s not be small minded here (ayy)

It needs exercising, stretching and definitely no judging! I mean honestly, no matter how hard my brain tries it cannot remember names of books let alone authors but can memorise many a random fact about arctic animals. (Arctic caterpillars live for 14 summers and freeze during the winter!)

And resting. Mmmmm I love resting.

Like after a long day of sport, your body needs to repair and adjust so that there’s room for more stretching later. Your brain is a muscle too and gets tired. Rest it, like really rest it. Not by going on Facebook or watching TV, but rather outdoors,somewhere quiet or watching a fire.

What’s the culinary choice for your brain?


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