Brain Food

photo 2

yes, yes it was delicious.

and yes. I did demolish it in less than 1o minutes.

I didn’t call this post brain food because my mango looks like a brain and is food.. I don’t think. In all honesty, this was a draft post which I don’t have a clue where I was going to go with. hmmmm

Let’s go somewhere with this anyway

Maybe I was thinking about how being a student I need good food? Hey any sponsors out there want to make sure I’m eating well to get good grades? Anyone.. you? No… oh.

Let’s see our brain as a pet? Our brain needs feeding. And every brain has it’s own personality, no brain is the same – let’s not be small minded here (ayy)

It needs exercising, stretching and definitely no judging! I mean honestly, no matter how hard my brain tries it cannot remember names of books let alone authors but can memorise many a random fact about arctic animals. (Arctic caterpillars live for 14 summers and freeze during the winter!)

And resting. Mmmmm I love resting.

Like after a long day of sport, your body needs to repair and adjust so that there’s room for more stretching later. Your brain is a muscle too and gets tired. Rest it, like really rest it. Not by going on Facebook or watching TV, but rather outdoors,somewhere quiet or watching a fire.

What’s the culinary choice for your brain?


Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

photo 1 (3)

I talk… a lot.

And I have a lot to talk about…

£40 designer jacket or £40 flights to Europe?

I find it way more justifiable to spend my money on doing things rather than buying things.

That’s not to say I don’t ever buy things, I do. But the likely hood is that what I buy is either second hand or for my hobbies.. which I also end up talking about.

“Hey, I like your dress!!” “Thanks it was two pounds from a charity shop, and my boots were free and my…”

Buying anything more expensive than £25 I automatically compare to the price of flights.

I really dislike money. The feeling of holding money and the stress of loosing money. People become obsessed with showing their wealth in how they dress and how they act. Does dressing from head to toe in labels somehow determine you as superior? More like a defenceless mouse running into the trap of materialism.

I’d rather look approachable and friendly than look like a walking advertisement.

I’m maybe getting a bit offensive… hold it back.

I do like feeling good in how I look, and I do love expressing myself in how I dress. But I have never felt good walking into topshop. Mirrors, models everywhere. I feel best after a jog, yoga, eating, sleeping, singing, laughing, dancing, performing, volunteering and being outdoors.

oh and the joy of free stuff!!!! Helllooooo

To end, as a brief reference to the picture I have attached. I was in Croatia visiting a friend’s home and on our last night we went to Dubrovnik but refused to pay for a night anywhere, so instead experienced the magical sunrise over the ocean for the price of a little less sleep and memories full of dreams.

Be richer in your experiences and memories. You’ll be wealthier and happier than any walking advertisement.