Hungover In The Park

Good day to you too. What a glorious March this is eh?

Sunday morning. I woke up to a face full of make up, last nights clothes on, unbrushed teeth and a sea of breadcrumbs around me after attempting to feed myself when I got in (yes I know I’m not very inventive with my late night culinary choices).

On a day when I haven’t got anywhere to be, I really actually enjoy being hungover (bare with me here). I like sitting in bed with the curtains open, taking my time over breakfast, thinking about the night’s antics and just allowing myself to take the day slowly, after all, I have an excuse.. don’t I?

Well… to say I took the day slowly, I still managed to do a fair bit (you’ll learn that I’m not actually very good at just sitting still). I started off with some yoga, showered (hurrah!), made a delicious avocado, black bean and salad burrito for lunch, went food shopping, dusted my room, organised my week, cooked butternut squash and puy lentils for my dinner and my favourite part of all.. Walking Cassie.

Cassie. What a legendary four legged being.

I wouldn’t consider myself anywhere near the lumberjack type (I did after all choose to move to London) but I’m an animal (woohoo) and being an animal, the outdoors is pretty important.. especially on a day when you’re hungover.

I found Cassie on Borrow My Doggy (kind of)… que anecdote… so basically, funny story, I had seen Cassie on Borrow My Doggy, fell in love with her but didn’t realise I had to pay £10 just to contact the owner. So, with some serious consideration I decided to leave it but to go jogging anyway (rare.. very rare). So, I went for a jog and who do I see in the park?! You bet ya, Cassie.

It was fate.

She’s lovely. She doesn’t judge me for how horrendously hungover I am and she never gets tired of my company! Winner!

Cassie has been a blessing to my life in London and walking her mid way through writing an essay boosts me to carry on.

Walking clears your head, gets you some exercise and gives you a sense of freedom. There are no rules with which route you take and you get to enjoy the smaller details which on a busy day you’re in too much of a rush to notice.

So hello. I’m Annie and I love hungover walks in the park with my mate Cassie.

photo 2

Squad goals.



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