Sounds Coming from Our mouths

Pretty weird right? Sounds coming from our mouths and the variety and combinations of sounds we make. But by giving those sounds meaning, somehow they become much more than just made up noises, they become words and help us to create understanding.

Last night I went to Soho Theatre to watch ‘What I Learned From Johnny Bevan’. A one man piece of performance/spoken word based on the actor’s own experiences.

Spoken word artists just amaze me. Every line is so eloquently written and performed. The rhythm and pace they find in the sounds from words is beautiful and the confidence they have in what they say is admirable.

It got me thinking, wishing and ambitioning that I could articulate myself so well.

We all have a voice, we all have our opinions, some just practice theirs more than others.

Language is precious and the ability to express ourselves with it is freedom. Everyone uses and understands language in a unique way. For example, you reading this right now, what ‘freedom’ means to you won’t be the same for me and yet it’s the same sound.

So you could say then, that we’ll never really be fully understood.. apart from, maybe ourselves, but even then, I’m not entirely sure.

Listen to others and especially listen to the voices you’ve never heard or those whose voices who don’t get listened to. You don’t learn from what you already know.

Right now, do you think I’m talking crap? If so, explore that! Why do you feel that way and create your own opinion so that I can explore yours in the same way.

If our words mean understanding, then to understand ourselves, we have to use our voices.


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