Start as you wish to go on?

A rare occurrence.. Me, sat alone, in my room on a Friday evening with no immediate tasks to do (apart from perhaps a couple of essays).
Finally! After contemplating going to my University’s bar or to my house mate’s gig (sorry Tom), I disciplined myself into giving myself a break, doing some yoga, writing in my diary and having a nice long cup of tea.

Writing a blog has for about two years been on my will-get-round-to-it-eventually list but has never quite made it to my today-is-the-day list.. until today! I think that what has worried me with starting a blog, is that I always envision blogs needing a particular theme, topic or style to them.. As much as I’d love to share recipe after recipe or photos of me in a hammocks around the world sipping from freshly picked coconuts, this is simply (or not so simply) going to be me.. being me.

Hmm.. But maybe for my sake as much as yours, I’ll give us three, hazy, broad and general themes for this blog to prepare us in a minuet way of what to expect. This is the starting point after all!

Here it goes: Explore. Learn. Create.

Explore who you are, your values, surroundings, and beyond your comfort zone.

Learn from others, about yourself, new skills, facts and about your world.

Create friendships, homes, words, food, achievements, memories, time and space.

I will definitely some how slip out of these three very generous and foggy themes but hey-ho, I can only do my best!

Putting myself out there at the risk of being judged for what I post, revealing what I get up to and opening up to potential strangers as well as to close ones isn’t all that comfortable. But risks are worth taking and if I find after a few attempts at this, that I suck at blogging, well then at least I’ve learnt that about me.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.


Me and two friends plunging into the frozen Moscow river to raise money for the homeless last year… Just a tad outside of my comfort zone.


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